Sunshine Super

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Project Description

Sunshine Super

SUNSHINETM SUPER is an acid-based, low-pH product developed to clean air-cooled air condensers, heating coils and condenser coils. It is very effective chemical designed to clean aluminum and finned air-cooled condensers. It’s penetrating, surfactant aided, foaming action lifts obstructing contaminants such as bugs, cotton-wood, grass, lint, dirt from coils and disperses it so coils can be rinsed clean with water

SUNSHINETM SUPER is designed for establishments that maintain or service Air-Conditioning Equipments/System mainly Hotel, Hospitals, Malls, Multiplex, Car Air-con and Industrial Plants.

Dirty coil could easily consume up to 30% more electricity as compared to a clean coil. By cleaning the coil with SUNSHINETM Super, the energy cost will reduce and designed cooling will be achieved


Higher operating pressures and temperatures caused by a dirty coil reduced life expectancy of the equipment. Regularly cleaning and maintaining the coil with SUNSHINETM Super will prolong equipment life.


SUNSHINETM Super was developed to fill the need for lower cost product while still maintaining the high performance.

Application & Safety Precautions