Sunshine Fresh

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Project Description

Sunshine Fresh

SUNSHINETM Fresh is a non-acid, alkaline-based product for brightening and cleaning condensers. It contains the best available detergents and biodegradable surfactants to quickly penetrate and remove greasy soils and oxidation….its foaming helps helps lift greasy soils and oxidation….its foaming helps lift greasy soils out of the coil, leaving equipemnt clean and bright. SUNSHINETM Fresh with its highly effective detergent-based formula, is specially formulated for preventative maintenance use for removing soils and deposits from cooling coils.

SUNSHINETM Fresh contains NO ACID, but brightens, foams and cleans just as well or better than acid-based products. It is especially formulated to melt away oily deposits and dissolve scale from heat transfer surfaces such as those found in air conditioner units and other types of heat exchangers. When applied as directed SUNSHINETM Fresh will immediately begin removing dirt, oil, and scale with a unique foaming action that pushes the soils away from the surfaces so they may be rinsed way easily

Physical Properties

Color Light Brown
Odor Mild
Specific Gravity 1.15
pH <13


Office Buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, Institutions, AC Maintenance Company etc.

Application & Safety Precautions