SS-70 – Neutralizer

//SS-70 – Neutralizer
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Project Description

SS-70 – Neutralizer

SUNSHINETM – SS70 is a specially blended Passivator and Neutralizer, absolutely safe for after treatment of de-scaled metal parts. De-scaled metal surfaces are sensitive to corrosion from the oxygen in the air and water must therefore be given an anticorrosive finish during the cleaning process as a form of passivation. In addition, left-over de-scaling chemicals on the metal surfaces or inside the systems may cause corrosion, especially so where mere flushing of fresh water may not remove entirely all the de-scaling chemicals.

It is thus important to neutralize the entire system after a de-scaling job.


  • Protect entire system against corrosion. This prevents equipment failure due to condensate corrosion. It protects the complete system by dosing chemical at a single point.
  • SUNSHINETM – SS70 reduce corrosion and formation of iron bearing deposits. This helps in keeping heat exchange surfaces, steam traps etc. clean thereby improving heat transfer efficiency.
  • SUNSHINETM – SS70 forms protective layer on the surface of the metal and ensure complete removal of acid traces.
Application & Safety Precautions