Sunshine CoilWash-HD

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Project Description

Sunshine CoilWash-HD

Radiator maintenance is one of the best ways to prevent engine failure. An engine produces extreme amounts of heat when it’s operating, and the radiator fluid pumping through the engine draws damaging heat away from it. Simply put, a radiator problem will lead to engine problems.

The cooling system draws air through the radiator as you drive. Over time, insects, dirt and leaves are pulled into the radiator fins, preventing the flow of air through the radiator. This can cause your car to overheat. An external radiator cleaning should be done quarterly. SUNSHINETM-CoilWash-HD is a powerful cleaner for Auto radiator & condenser to remove the dirt,
scale, grime etc. SUNSHINETM-CoilWash-HD not only clean the clogs of the system but also keep the system in order to run for a longer period. SUNSHINETM-CoilWash-HD clean fins on the outside of the radiator thus allowing for air to flow freely around the system and keep the antifreeze cool, therefore keeping the engine cooled. SUNSHINETM-CoilWash-HD also cleans condenser from
accumulated debris/dust on AC condenser clearing way to proper heat exchange in system. SUNSHINETM-CoilWash-HD clean the system fast easy and safely without harming any part. It is particularly inhibited to make it harmless to copper, aluminum and other special alloys that is normally employed in the cooling systems, if used in recommended ratio


  • Always bring the engine and cooling system to reach the ambient temperature.

  • Clean the debris like bugs, leaf, etc. from fins of Condenser/Radiator.

  • Mix SUNSHINETM-CoilWash-HD with 3-5 parts of water in a low pressure sprayer.
  • Apply mixture on fins and wait for 1-2 mts and apply again.

  • All dirt will flow outside with foam. Wait for another 3 mts and then spray water to rinse condenser/radiator from dirt and foam.

  • Clear all area near the condenser/radiator with water and rinse applicators.

Application & Safety Precautions