SS-90 – Biocide

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Project Description

SS-90 – Biocide

SUNSHINET SS90-Biocide is particularly helpful in controlling and reducing the growth of water bottom microbes. It works as an algaecidal, fungicidal, bactericidal, destroy legionella, sulphate-reducing bacteria, destroys biofilms and also rotozoa. It also prevents bio-corrosion and removes biomass.


  • SS90-Biocide is specially formulated to prevent undesired microorganism.
  • Effectively controls algae, bacteria and slime forming organisms
  • It can work under wide range of pH and is effective at higher temperature application also.
  • It is highly effective over a wide range of microbial species. It also control the growth of sulphur reducing bacteria i.e.
    Desulphovibrio desulphuricans & NRB. These bacteria grow in the absence of oxygen usually found where water is in a stagnant state in spray ponds and swimming pools.
  • Its penetrants gives a special cleaning effect on the fouled surface.
  • Being a non-corrosive biocide it will not effect any part of the equipment

Dosing & Feeding
Add SS90-Biocide .1% of total hold-up water in cooling tower once a week.

Application & Safety Precautions