SS-30 – Descaler

//SS-30 – Descaler
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Project Description

SS-30 – Descaler

  • SS30 is highly concentrated, fast acting de-scaler for removal of rust, scale, corrosion, slime, magnesium deposits, hard water deposits etc. in cooling towers and boilers.
  • SS-30 is used for descaling all process air-conditioning, heating system including cooling towers, condensers, heat exchangers, pipe line etc.
  • SS30 has been designed to penetrate the scale, fastest cleaning with complete protection of metal and control of corrosion.
  • SS30 descales most system in 4-7 hours.

Product Benefits

  • Highly effective and absolutely safe product, react only with scale build-up and does not react with metal at all. Inhibiting effect remain stable even at high temperature ie. 70° C – 80°C
  • Remove rust deposits and prevent re-rusting.
  • Dissolves film of oil or grease present in the deposits.
  • Quickly penetrates, disintegrates and dissolves hard scale deposit in un-accessible passages.
  • Contains a synthetic polymeric corrosion inhibitor which forms a protective film on parent metal surface preventing metal against acid attack.
  • A powerful liquid multi-purpose descaling compound which breaks and dissolves hard scale including Silica Scale. It is a blend of suitable acids (Orgainic & Inorganic), Corrosion Inhibitor, Penetrants, Surfactants & additives etc.
Application & Safety Precautions