Sunshine Glow

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Project Description

Sunshine Glow

SUNSHINETM Glow is an acid-based cleaner that removes dust, dirt, grime, and grease from aluminum or copper coils and fins of cooling units and air conditioners. When used regularly, it keeps coils clean to promote more efficient operation and lowers the power consumption of air conditioner and refrigeration units.

SUNSHINETM Glow foaming cleaning action pushes dirt, lint, greases and oils out of coils. Furthermore, after rinsing, SUNSHINETM Glow leaves a clean, bright surface that is free of energy robbing coil encrustation. To maximize the efficiency level of the air conditioner, routine maintenance is suggested. This will save on expensive downtime and replacement cost.


  • Fast-acting, foaming action cleans and brightens coils to “like new”condition.

  • Concentrated formula -cost effective performance.

  • Cleans & Brightens

  • Recommended for exterior condenser use only

Application & Safety Precautions