SS-50 – Corrosion Inhibitor

//SS-50 – Corrosion Inhibitor
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Project Description

SS-50 – Corrosion Inhibitor

SUNSHINE – SS50 Corrosion Inhibitor(CC) is a biodegradable chemical for use in cooling and heating closed loop sytems. Industrial cooling and chilled water normally cause severe problem of corrosion and fouling in cooling system i.e., chiller and other equipment if not treated properly. It is formulated to disperse the soluble ions and prevent fouling due to presence of special dispersant.


  • Superior corrosion inhibitor under wide range of pH & alkalinity fluctuations.
  • pecially formulated to disperse the soluble ions & dissolve oxygen in circulating water, thus no precipitation takes place.
  • Active ingredients works at lower dosage.
  • Does not contain chrome or heavy metals which are harmful effluent thus environment friendly.
  • Prevent fouling due to presence of special dispersant.

Dosing & Feeding
Add 1 kg of SS50 Corrosion Inhibitor (CC) for every 100 Kg. of system capacity.

Feed in directly into the chilled water tank, if no chilled water tank, then feed in directly into “make-up” water tank.

Note If the system is found to be badly effected, please ask your vendor to determine right dosage for your equipment

Application & Safety Precautions