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About Us

Zebra Trading Company is a sister concern of Stalman Polska Sp. Z.o.o, Poland and Global India Services, India. Formed in year 2007 , primarily to export Stainless Steel Utensils to Europe . In 2011, ZTC diversified into manufacturing of HVAC Cleaning Chemicals. Since 2007, ZTC has gathered enough resources to start its manufacturing plant for manufacturing powerful AC Coil Cleaners.

ZTC has started manufacturing HVAC Cleaning Chemical and its designed production capacity (as per date) is 500 ton annually with main products…

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Why need Cleaning ?

Air passing through the coils contains microscopic dirt particles as well as other foreign materials. After a while this debris builds up on a coil surface making it more difficult for coils to provide cooling. Since a dirty coil is insulated with dirt, it takes longer time to cool. Say we wish to cool to 22°C where the initial room temperature is 30° C. This may take one hour to cool. Now take a brand new Air Conditioner in the same room under the same condition may take half an hour to do so. This results in consuming half the electricity.

Dirty Condenser Coils Increase Power Costs

When the coil becomes fouled with dirt and grime, it cannot provide complete or adequate heat transfer, a process that was predicated on a clean coil. The equipment’s compressor senses this, and tries to overcome it by going to a higher system pressure. This consumes greater levels of electricity. For example, a dirty coil could easily consume up to 37% more electricity as compared to a clean coil.

Dirty Condenser Coils Shorten Equipment Life

Higher operating pressures and temperatures caused by a dirty coil represent still another problem: reduced life expectancy of the equipment. At the elevated system temperature and pressure, the compressor’s lubricating oil can break down. In addition, acid formation can occur, leading to an acid burn out. Taken together, lack of lubrication and acid burn, the compressor is seriously compromised and will eventually fail. It is the heart of the air-conditioning, refrigeration system, and its loss means no cooling. And, its replacement is the most expensive repair on an HVACR system.


Safety Products

SUNSHINETM Products are Corrosive in nature. Utmost alertness should be paid while handling our products to avoid accidental spill, splash, leak etc. as it can cause severe chemical burn on skin, eyes and hairs due to mishandling.

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