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Project Description

SS-80 – Algaecide

SUNSHINE SS80- Algaecide is a concentrated water treatment product that inhibits and control algae and slime formation in cooling tower systems. SS80- Algaecide keep water cooling tower systems clear and free of visible algae slime. Designed specifically for cooling towers, it works best when added once a week.


  • SS80- Algaecide is specially formulated to prevent algae and microorganism growth.
  • It is a halogen based microbiocide to control algae, fungi and microbes in Industrial Cooling System.
  • In a low concentration and on higher pH range and even at a high temperature it effectively control the microbiological growth.
  • It is non-corrosive and does not effect any range of metal.
  • It is specially effective on Selleginella species of algae. It also control the SRB and Nitrite reducing bacteria which acts as a nutrients to algae.
  • Its penetrants gives a special cleaning effect on the fouled surface.
  • Being of non-corrosive nature it can be used in any type of equipment.

Dosing & Feeding
Add SS80-Algaecide.1% of total hold-up water in cooling tower once a week.

Application & Safety Precautions